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At our MHRA accredited facilities, we can manufacture existing and new formulations or provide innovative solutions for your hard-to-manufacture products.

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We have significant experience in handling multiple bulk formats and packing them into a variety of packing solutions.

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With a broad range of equipment, we can meet the needs of any customer and offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for their packaging needs.

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Project Management

Our Project Managers form a critical part of each project, ensuring that each project is delivered on time and in full.

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Given our facilities, expertise, services and accreditations we are ideally placed to deliver a wide range of consultancy services.

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We have a highly flexible working approach and can quickly build specific units and dedicated lines for you.

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Our Mission

In PARTNERSHIP with our customers,
be the global contract manufacturer of choice for life improving healthcare products.

We have the VISION to provide an exceptional service to enable our Customers’ supply chain to deliver quality products through compliant, sustainable and ethical solutions.

As an employer of choice our skilled team has the PASSION to reliably and efficiently deliver products to market for global pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies.

Concept to Customer

Providing you with end-to-end contract manufacturing solutions, with over 25+ years’ experience.

pharmapacuk Our approach

Medicinal Products

For over 25+ years our experienced team has delivered a comprehensive manufacturing, filling and packing environment to help Customers shape their product portfolio of products.


From early on in any project we have a collaborative approach with a dedicated team member from the Quality, Operational and Commercial area of our business involved at every step of the decision making process. This helps us create efficiencies throughout the project and ensure any products are compliant, meet budget requirements and are released on time.


With Quality credentials that underpin all ways of working we support Customers from development through to global supply … and we are good at what we do!

pharmapacuk - Medical Devices

Medical Devices

We have the expertise and capability to provide customers with an incomparable manufacturing, filling and packing service to enable them to commercialise a medical device both in the UK and worldwide.


Having the world’s leading medical device standard (ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management System certification) we give our customers confidence that PharmaPac has the quality assurance systems, experience and trading record to supply superior products in a regulated environment. By monitoring supply chains and production processes, having a dedicated Quality team and exceptional Project Management we find ways to increase efficiency and ensure our Customers launch cost-effective compliant products.



We trace your products so you can trust them for your Customers. PharmaPac offers customers serialisation knowledge and services that adapt to the needs of their product, package delivery forms (including primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging), regulatory requirements and market destination.


Our dedicated team work with every customer to understand the requirements, explore solutions and provide a bespoke solution based on need.


PharmaPac supports customers with serialisation technologies for highly automated packaging, as well as manual off-line serialisation technologies capable of providing serialisation for almost any package format.


Committed to Quality 

We are a highly ethical pharmaceutical contract manufacturer with quality credentials that underpin all our ways of working.


We have a dedicated quality team (including Qualified Persons) who maintain our 25+ year exemplary MHRA regulatory compliance record (with a 3 year inspection cycle) and accreditations.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive manufacturing and packing environment to support our Customers portfolio of products and service them from development through to global supply from an experienced team supported by Quality, Operations and Commercial specialists.

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Our People

We are only as successful as the team we employ and we have some great people!


Our senior team brings together an impressive breadth and depth of experience from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, blue chip organisations and  contract service organisations.

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